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A New Dimension in Serial LVEF Measurement (10 Jan 2013)

Thomas Marwick, MBBS, PhD, MPH and John Ryan, MD

John Ryan asks Thomas Marwick about his new study, which found that the most reproducible technique for serial assessment of LVEF is the noncontrast 3D echocardiogram.

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Diabetics with Multivessel Disease: FREEDOM with CABG? (13 Dec 2012)

Valentin Fuster, MD

Dr. Valentin Fuster answers questions about the FREEDOM trial, which shows that diabetics with multivessel disease had lower rates of death and MI with CABG than with PCI.

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Undiagnosed Hypertension in Younger Adults (23 Nov 2012)

Heather M Johnson, MD, MS

Dr. Johnson answers questions about her research group’s study of undiagnosed hypertension in younger adults.

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A New Era in ICD Therapy — Get with the Programming! (6 Nov 2012)

Arthur J. Moss, MD

The principal investigator of the MADIT-RIT trial comments on the clinical implications of his study group’s research.

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Platelet-Function Testing in Coronary Stenting: Frozen in Its Tracks (4 Nov 2012)

Gilles Montalescot, MD, PhD

An ARCTIC trial investigator discusses possible reasons why antiplatelet-drug and dosing adjustments, guided by platelet-function testing, did not improve clinical outcomes for stented patients.

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Ablation for Treatment-Naive A-Fib Patients? (30 Oct 2012)

CardioExchange Editors, Staff

Younger, healthier treatment-naive patients with a-fib can be offered initial ablation therapy, although drug therapy remains the default, according to the authors of this recent study in the NEJM.

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Triple Antithrombotic Therapy: What — and When — Is the Bleeding Risk? (8 Oct 2012)

Morten Lamberts, MD and John Ryan, MD

Morten Lamberts, MD, lead investigator of a recent registry study of various combinations of antithrombotic agents in patients with AF and CAD, answers John Ryan’s questions about the study and its implications.

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CRP and Cholesterol Emerge as Equally Strong Predictors of Cardiovascular Risk (3 Oct 2012)

Paul Ridker, MD, MPH

Paul Ridker discusses findings from the Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration showing that C-reactive protein provides incremental risk information comparable to that of total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol.

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Long-Term Use of Beta-Blockers Questioned in Certain Patients (2 Oct 2012)

Sripal Bangalore, MD, MHA

Dr. Sripal Bangalore discusses his JAMA study, which found beta-blocker use was not associated with a reduced rate of cardiovascular eventsin patients who have, or are at risk for, stable coronary artery disease.

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Stopping DAPT for DES Before 12 Months: Cutting-Edge or Dangerous? (19 Sep 2012)

Deepak L. Bhatt, MD, MPH, Richard A. Lange, MD, MBA, and L. David Hillis, MD

Dr. Deepak Bhatt ponders the clinical implications of two studies suggesting that early discontinuation of dual antiplatelet therapy is safe — and concludes that the findings will probably not change his practice.