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Avatar of John Mandrola, MD, FACC

Freezing in AF Ablation—Not So Fast, You All (24 Mar 2010)

John Mandrola, MD, FACC

CardioExchange welcomes this guest post reprinted with permission from Dr. John M, a blog by private-practice electrophysiologist and CardioExchange member, Dr. John Mandrola. Freezing the heart is in the news. The STOP-AF trial was presented at ACC, and it sure has generated much excitement about atrial fibrillation ablation. This is a good thing. However, as is the norm in the era of instantaneous news, the press reports read much differently than reality. The propaganda has an effect. I read one comment from an AF patient, who said he was waiting… Continue Reading

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March Madness—In the Wake of ACC, Name the Head-to-Head Match-Ups You’d Like to See (17 Mar 2010)

Joseph Ross, MD, MHS

If you work for the NIH, you’re not allowed to bet on your favorite NCAA basketball team. But here at CardioExchange, you can channel your enthusiasm into a different set of brackets. The elegant simplicity of March Madness, despite the chaos, is that we get our questions answered: “Who’s better? Syracuse or Georgetown? UCLA or USC? Kansas or Kentucky?” Teams are ranked and placed in brackets, face-off over three weeks, and one team is left undefeated at the end of the Tournament. This year, the ides of March bring us… Continue Reading