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13 Feb 2012

Heart and Stroke Foundation’s “Make Death Wait” Campaign: Advocacy or Scare Tactics?

Editor’s Note: This post is reprinted with permission from Marilyn Mann’s Blog.

I am interested to know what readers think of the two Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSF) ads shown below.  The ads are part of HSF’s “Make Death Wait” awareness and fundraising campaign that’s been underway for the past few months.

In the first ad, shown in this YouTube video, several different women are shown on screen as a male voice, meant to personify death, intones “I love women. I love older women, professional women, stay-at-home moms. I love how women put their family first. I love how you’re so concerned that I’ll get to your husband.”

In the final scene, a woman in a bathing suit looks apprehensively over her shoulder as the voice warns, “You have no idea that I’m coming after you.”  Eileen Melnick McCarthy, director of communications for the foundation, told a reporter that the intent of the campaign is to “wake up Canadians to the threat of heart disease and stroke.”

In addition, the print ad below has appeared in a Canadian magazine. The copy, in case you can’t make it out, reads as follows:

Death loves menopause. He loves that menopause makes women more vulnerable to heart disease and stroke. And that women are far more likely to die of a heart attack. Most of all, he loves that heart disease and stroke is the #1 killer of women. Please donate, and make death wait.

Is this a legitimate way to “wake up” people to the threat of cardiovascular disease? Or unnecessary and counterproductive scare tactics? I lean toward the latter.

 Video: Death Loves Women. Make Death Wait.